My Story And Spiritual Journey

Jeremy Standiford and his partner Laura in Sedona, AZ.

When I was 23, life was fairly normal for me. I was married and finishing up my university degree in Chemistry. I was planning on going to law school after graduation. I thought I had everything figured out.

This all changed one evening when I decided to take some psilocybin mushrooms. I had experimented with drugs throughout my college years, as some college students do. And most of these experiences had been positive. I had read somewhere that taking 5 grams of mushrooms was the way to go. I had also read that it is best to “set your intention” before taking psychedelic drugs. So I took 5 grams of mushrooms and set the intention for a “life changing experience”.

The sage advice of “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind here. A few hours after taking the drugs, I completely lost all sense of reality. I don’t want to go into all the details here, but during the trip fought with the cops and was arrested and charged with a felony and a misdemeanor, both related to fighting with the cops and not any other crime. I ended up taking a  plea deal on the charges and was sentenced to 2 years supervised probation.

Shortly after the arrest, my wife asked for a divorce. The relationship was not going well prior to my arrest, but I’m sure the arrest didn’t help things. This was another devastating blow to what I thought was my “normal” life.

I graduated college shortly thereafter and this is really when I started seeking. Not spiritual seeking, but what I call “unconscious seeking”. I was seeking worldly things, primarily sex and money, like most men in their 20s. At that time, I thought these things would fulfill me or make me happy. Or perhaps because this is what society, the media, etc. tells us we “should” want or “should” have.

It was this seeking that got me into self-help. Being a smart person, I always looked to education to solve my problems. If I wanted to have, be or do something, I would look up how. During this time, I devoured all kinds of books and educational programs. Topics included dating, making money, and even new age self-help like “The Power of Now”, “The Secret”, and “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. Pick any major self-help guru or teaching and I have probably read it.

At this time, life was going pretty well for me. I was making good money as a chemist and the dating advice I read actually worked. I was going out a lot, drinking, and picking up girls. Looking back, this was a foolish thing for someone on probation to do. I thought everything was going OK.

Inside I was reeling emotionally from everything that happened. I had no way to deal with all of the uncomfortable feelings the recent upheaval in my life had stirred up and so I tried to distract myself with sex, drugs, and get rich quick schemes. 

One night I was out with a girl and got arrested again for DUI. This was bad because I was already on probation. I lost my job and spent some time in jail. After this I felt really trapped. I had a hard time getting a decent job and I still felt like something was missing in my life. I tried to fill this void by partying and womanizing. And this lasted for several years.

I was 27 years old and had just moved in with my parents because I had been laid off from my last job. I had been unemployed for 18 months. I was feeling pretty disheartened and desperate because my life was not going very well. Being unemployed and not having much to do, but wanting to make a change, I turned again to self-help.

As I searched for something online, I stumbled across something that would transform my life - letting go and allowing what is to be.

I remember reviewing my life and realized how much I had been doing the opposite. I was pushing, resisting, wanting, and all of this had led me to where I was then. I had nothing to lose so as I decided let go. It felt really good and it was energizing. The first few nights I started letting go I could barely sleep because I had so much energy.

As I kept letting go and my inner state was really improving. Three days later, I went for a walk to burn off some of the incredible bliss energy I was feeling. As I walked along the sidewalk I remember looking around and realizing that I was everything and that I loved everything unconditionally. I perceived all time and all space contained within my being. At the same time I was laughing hysterically, immersed in love and joy.

What I saw that day was the truth of who we are - that we are already whole, complete, perfect, eternal, and unlimited. Our experience of life is simply the result of what we are holding in mind. When you let go of holding on to negative things like poverty, loneliness, sickness, etc - what’s left over is the perfect wholeness that you already are.

My whole life changed shortly after this experience. I got a job with a startup bio-fuels company. I learned a lot about entrepreneurship there, which eventually led me to start my own businesses. Now I have several successful businesses and multiple streams of income.

I have also seen many more miracles happen in my life. They include:

  • Experiencing complete joy and happiness in spite of intense pain after a motorcycle accident.
  • Effortlessly attract the love of my life.
  • Raised over $1 million from investors to start a business the first time I ever tried to raise capital.

You have the unlimited capacity to easily and effortlessly create your idea life. It’s a lot easier than you think. Letting go unlocks your infinite potential and reveals your true purpose in life. 

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